G-LOFT® is a premium insulation company based in Austria, with production in Europe. G-LOFT® unique synthetic fiber is the first insulation material to combine the advantages of natural down with the insensitivity of synthetic fiber on the market, and it does so permanently. It has a high thermal performance and is warm, light and breathable even in extremely cold and wet conditions. Unlike down, the G-LOFT® synthetic fiber itself does not absorb moisture. Due to G-LOFT® technology, the fibers get an outstanding memory effect and automatically return to their original and unique shape, providing warmth, even after repeated washing and hard use. G-LOFT® guarantees optimal thermal insulation and heat regulation, both indoors and outdoors, and up between 25-80% better thermal performance than competitors according to tests made by independent test institutes. 
G-LOFT® fibers are ÖKOTEX 100 class 1 (babyclass) certified and suitable for allergy sufferers. In the product range you find a High Performance Line, Eco Power Line, Needle Punch Line and a Quilted Line and offer weight between super light 20 to 400 gsm.